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Carolyn has been a guest on US radio shows LA based Global Talk Radio, Lifestyle Luminaries and Finesse With Felicia,”Dating Over 50″, live to Texas. She has also been featured in online women’s magazines XOJane and Lucky Mag. In the UK she has been on BBC radio and made the shelves in Woman’s Own. Channel 5 asked that she contribute to a documentary, because of her prominence on social media, she has also worked with SKY and the press.

She has a long history of working with Geoff Woods, a genius photographer who makes photographs almost entirely on film, they are not digitally enhanced and so demonstrate his tremendous skill.

Consequently,on assignment in Brighton, they made photographs in tribute to Bill Brandt and Helmut Newton.¬†Some of the shots were accepted for editorial by the Australian Women’s Fashion Art magazine.

Clients have included Peugeot and Harley Davidson.

Other great photographs on this website can be credited to Stephen Granger Photography and Design.

Carolyn lives in Blaby, Leicestershire, England.